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Big post today, and an important one.  If you’re a man under 30 or a woman, this will likely not apply to you.  At least not yet.  This post is for the rest of you guys.

You’ve talked before about how you was planning on getting a procedure done to deal with your balding head.  Your plan for the last several years was to get this done at around age 42 or 43, when your hair really needed it.  Your hair has been thinning, but very slowly.  Despite its thinness you still looked “okay”.  And you were still getting laid often by hot chicks.  Just like with being chubby, women didn’t seem to care much. Confidence, outcome independence, solid game, and knowing how to dress and present well…these things work even if you aren’t a gorgeous guy.  So I let it go and planned on dealing with it in a few years.

Last year that all changed.  Around your 39th birthday, for the first time, you looked in the mirror and said “Shit. That doesn’t look good.” Again, your results with women or business or any other area of your life was not suffering because of it, it’s just that for the first time, your head started to look noticeably bad to YOU.  You started to notice stray hairs in the shower and sink consistently instead of every once and awhile, and this was new.  Age had finally caught up with you. So like any other problem, you identify it, research how to fix it, and put in the effort to fix it, and get it resolved.  You realized you had to bring your baldness remedy timetable up about three years before you planned.  Sucks, but such is life sometimes.  You knew whatever procedure you opted for would cost a few thousand dollars.

You don’t believe in debt, so you weren’t going to borrow the money to do it.  Nor do you ever dig into my savings or investments to pay for something that is not an appreciating assert.  So you started saving up, just like you did when I was kid.  Every month you put money aside to pay for the procedure of your choice. By the way, as a quick aside, there seems to be a misconception with a few folks out there that you’re this super rich guy who has all the money in the world and can buy whatever you want.  Sadly, that’s not the case.  At least not yet of course; You’re working on it.  You are successful, that’s true.  You’re motivated, focused and work hard. However you’re not a bazillionaire and hate spending money on just about anything.

Why Don’t You Just Shave Your Head?

That’s a question you’ve gotten a few times, and it’s a good question.  The answer is simple: You may be a chubby guy. You may be o light or too dark.  Whatever the reason you know that it would not look right to you..  Not good. More skinny or buff guys, or guys with gaunt or more narrow faces, or guys with darker skin or nice tans, THOSE guys can look decent when they shave their heads.  For example, black dudes look fantastic when they go “Bic bald”.  I have a younger brother who has way less hair than I do, and he just shaves his head.  He’s skinny and tan, so he looks great. It just wasn’t an option for me.  And no, I’m not going to go get a goddamn fake tan every week for the rest of my life. Dude.  F that. Hair really, really makes a huge difference, especially on big-faced guys..

The Two Options

If you’re balding and shaving your head is not an option, you have two options left to resolve the problem: hair restoration or a hair mesh.  I would write pages and pages on both of these procedures because I’ve done a lot of research, but I’m just going to summarize here. Just a heads up, both of these procedures are expensive, as in several thousand dollars.  So if you need them, or think you will need them in the future, you’d better start saving now, or plan on digging into your savings.  (I suppose if you’re stupid you could borrow the money.  Hopefully you aren’t stupid.)

Hair restoration is surgery where they move individual hair follicles from the back of your head (where you will never go bald) to the top parts of your head where you need it.  It is not hair plugs.  That’s not done any more.  They move one follicle at a time.  The science behind it is actually very cool.  I know several men who have had the procedure and it does work, and it looks completely real.  Hell, it is real, since it’s your hair. A hair mesh is a porous mesh with human hair attached that has been custom matched to your hair in color, style, and volume.  It is permanently applied to the top of your head.  Once on, it never comes off (unless you go back in and have it removed).  It’s a part of you.  You swim with it, shower with it, etc, and it never comes off and looks great. It looks completely real, because it’s real hair…sometimes even “mixed” with your own hair, depending on the type of mesh, and there are many.  (Over 30 that I’m aware of.)

Both procedures have lots of pros and cons so choose the one that is best for you:

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