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Hair Replacement

But if your hair loss is excessive or you are experiencing balding, certain medications you may be taking could be to blame. In most cases, medications lead to temporary hair loss, and your hair will grow back once you adjust the dose or stop taking the medication. In other cases, however, medications can cause you to develop male or female pattern baldness, leading to permanent hair loss. Please note, our unit service does not include cutting and styling. To order our unit service, you will need to select and pay for the unit making service, the hair extensions and (or) closure required.


Unit Repair $50 Per Hour
Unit Cleaning $30 Per Hour
Unit Installation $75
Lace Front Unit $225 And Up *
Full Lace Unit Price Upon Request *
Full Cap Unit $150 and Up *
Custom Unit Call For Consultation
Custom Closures Call For Consultation
Custom Lace Frontal Call For Consultation
********** ALL PRICES LISTED ARE BASE PRICES ***********